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What i do

  • Oct 28 / 2013
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What i do

What i do

Research problems, plan solutions, recommend designs, develop codes and coordinate development to meet business or other requirements. Identify, understand and plan for organizational and human impacts of  planned systems, and ensure that new technical requirements are properly integrated with existing processes and skill sets.


  • Perform application programming assignments, typically scratch projects/eCommerce systems.
  • Review and analyze complex programming specifications to resolve any possible misunderstandings as to the assignment.
  • Carry out various forms of testing – unit, string, system, acceptance, volume etc. to ensure that desired test results are achieved.
  • Technical guidance to members of the development team to ensure the high quality delivery of development projects.
  • Ensure that the technical procedures, tools and ultimately the code produced by the development team is high calibre and fit for purpose.
  • Play key role in the architectural design of solutions, during both solution design meetings and coding.
  • Prepare the Technical Design Documents (TDD) for complex requirements and modules.
  • Discuss the impacts of complex requirements and changes with customers and suggest them to go for the better solution.
  • Work with the team to adapt the core Agile approaches as required to meet business and quality objectives.
  • Deploy the completed system.
  • Document requirements or contribute to user manuals.

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