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5 things to check before doing Agile

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5 things to check before doing Agile

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Getting very popular in recent days, every small and big IT companies are going Agile for their software development process. Are they all really doing agile? Do they face problems while doing agile? Are they ready to do the agile? Is agile easy or complex? Is agile successful for all? There are so many similar kind of questions arise when you think of doing agile. There are some practical problems which may turn into not a successful agile. Here are the 5 most important things which should make sure before jumping in to agile.

1. Know and understand agile

Agile is not only about the deliveries in iteration. It is much much more than this. It is a process, it is a practice, it is a development methodology and more. It is very important to know and understand the agile very well before planning to get into it. It is important to check if agile fits into your need. You should just not do the agile because everyone else is doing it. So know and understand agile first and then make sure you are ready with necessary prerequisites before jumping into it.

2. All stakeholders are ready to accept agile

A project is driven by multiple stakeholders and all stakeholders have same responsibilities for a successful project. It is important that every stakeholder knows & understands agile. They should respect the agile disciplines and should be ready to help the agile team in case of impediments. They should happily accept the demands of agile and always ready for making it a success.

3. Team is trained on agile

Agile team is most important player in complete agile process. We know that a trained team delivers better so if you are thinking of going into agile, it is very important that your team is trained on agile processes. They should know all rules, disciplines and benefits of following them. It can be a big mistake if you jump into agile with an untrained team.

4. Team is cross functional or motivated to be cross functional

This is one of the very common issue in agile. Agile demands for a cross functional team who can help each other in any kind of work and take the responsibilities of other team members with different skill sets. If you are starting with agile, so it is not uncommon that you donĀ“t have a cross functional team ready, but important is your team is ready and motivated to be cross functional.

5. Infrastructure and tools are available for agile

Infrastructure and tools help team in following the agile rules and become more disciplined and connected. Good, quick and smooth coordination is one of the key requirements of agile. Infrastructure and tools facilitate team to communicate with each other efficiently and reaching the goal in controlled manner. Make sure your team is equipped with necessary (if not all) infrastructure and tools to work flawlessly.

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